Friday, November 14, 2014

[PRESS] 141113 Girl's Day's Minah @ Movie 'Dad For Rent' Press Conference

On November 13th, Girl's Day Minah attended press conference of movie 'Dad For Rent' as a rookie actrees. This movie is directed by director Kim Deok Soo based on novel "아빠를 빌려드립니다 (Appareul Bilryeodeuribnida)" by Hong Boo Yong, a story of an unemployed father (Kim Sang Kyung) because of his laziness he is supported by his wife (financially) & the daugher decides to put dad up for rent on a secondhand site.

Minah act as Min-ah a girl who borrows a father from secondhand site. Release date of this movie will be on November 20th in South Korea. Minah also took a part sang for 'Dad For Rent' OST "들려줘요 (Listen To It)" "세상만사 (Electronic Rock ver.)" "세상만사 (Acustic ver.)".

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