Friday, December 12, 2014

T-ARA at Incheon Airport Returning from China

On December 11th, T-ARA was spotted at Incheon International Airport returned from China.

T-ARA back to Korea after appeared on China Hunan TV program 'Taentaen Syangsyang'. The entertainment program that T-ARA's appeared is a program with the highest rating since the brodcast begins on August 4th 2008. The famous Chinese MC Wangham host the show alongside with 7 other co-host.

Not only T-ARA, but also many K-POP idols already appeared on the show such as Super Junior-M, CN BLUE and more.

Meanwhile, T-ARA will hold their first solo concert in Seoul COEX Auditorium on December 25th with two different time at 3PM and 7PM KST.

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photo credit:
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