Monday, March 16, 2015

Girl's Day Minah Solo Debut Showcase in Myeongdong

On March 16th, Girl's Day Minah held a solo debut showcase 'I Am A Woman Too' in front of Myeongdong Art Theater in Seoul. 

Minah is the first member of Girl's Day to make a solo debut this year. After 5 years of debut, Minah hold a showcase for her solo debut in Myeongdong street to remember her past days before debuting as Girl's Day member in 2010.

'I Am A Woman Too' is the mini-album with concept of a girl that growth as a mature woman.

The MV and album already released today at noon after her solo showcase. Minah will sets out a full-scale activities for 'I Am A Woman Too'.

photo credit:
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