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Lovelyz 'Hi~' Interview at Pops In Seoul

.Lovelyz has been interviewed by Arirang Pops In Seoul for their 'Rising Star' corner.  Check out the full interview with Lovely below!

Q: What kind of song is "Hi~"?
Yein: "Hi~" is the title track of our repackaged album, which we worked on with Yoon Sang and OnePiece again. Unlike "Candy Jelly Love" this song, while it is still about first love, is about a girl whose heart flutters and who becomes nervous about confessing her feelings to her crush.

Q: Any album tracks you'd like to recommend?
Sujeong: "Amusement Park" is a new song that was included in this album. Once, we gave sneak preview of "Amusement Park" it's more emotional and bashful, but the chorus is more exciting. All of us like the song, so we want to recommend it!

Q: Any memorable incidents during the music video shoot?
Sujeong: When we were shooting "Candy Jelly Love", there were candies, jellies and chocolates to suit the title and the staff let us eat rice because we had to stay up all night. But we wanted to look prettier in your eyes, so this time we only had salad. We were hungry and out of energy and that made the shoot difficult.

Q: What has changed about your performances since your debut?
Mijoo: During our debut performance, we looked down at the floor instead of at the cameras, but for the last performance of "Candy Jelly Love", we decided to do something special. We made a heart shapes with pur hands and made other gestures. We've gradually improved like that.

Q: What kind of unit group do you want to create?
Yein: I personally want to form a hip hop group with BabySoul, kind of like INFINITE H. I'm not that good, but BabySoul is a great rapper, she sounds soulful. I want to form a hip hop group with her after learning how to rap from her. What do you think? (to BabySoul).

BabySoul: A hip hop group unit sound good, but I had a different idea. My real name is Sujeong, so I thought I should form "2 Sujeong" with Ryu Sujeong. We also like similar types of music, our taste in music are very similar. We both like R&B, so I thought doing R&B with her.

Q: Which member is the cutest?
(all members picked Kei)
Kei: I don't act cute on purpose. I heard that I sound cute because of the way I talk, when I talk to them. I feel bad when I have to ask for a favor. I say, "Sujeong, can I borrwo this?" (in a cute way)  I talk this way because I feel bad. I think that's how my voice started sounding cute. 

Q: Which member is far from being cute?
Mijoo: She's sitting next to Kei.
Kei: Right next to me.
BabySoul: It's me. I've gradually become more extroverted while preparing to become a singer, but I'm reserved at home. When I'm not at home, I try very hard to be friendly to younger people and the elders. But even still, I definitely won't act cute. 
Kei: I'll teach you.
BabySoul: No, it's okay *laugh*

Q: Is there something else you'd like to try besides singing?
Sujeong: I'm interested in music composition, but I know nothing about it. I've bought books on it and learned the theories but I still have a lot to learn. I'll try to practice and study more when I have time so that I can compose music in the future. 
Jin: I've loved ballad music since I was a trainee and I practiced mostly ballad songs. I'd like an opportunity to record a soundtrack and record many ballad songs.
Mijoo: I find acting very fun, so I'd like to try acting. I make careful observations of acting performances.. Jin, you should record the soundtrack of my drama, then. 
Sujeong: Oh! Then, I should compose that soundtrack!
Mijoo: And Kei will make a cameo appearance as a musical actress. 

Getting know more about Lovelyz!

Jiae: I'm up first! I'm Jiae from Lovelyz. I'm Lovelyz's mom. I was initially their grandma, I'm 21, and I often hear I have a baby face. I'm not that old so I went from grandma to mom. 
Yein: Jiae takes care of the younger members like a real mother. She brings a lunch box with her, and offers us food when we're hungry. She comforts us and looks after us, so it's true that she's like our mom. 
Jiae: I love cooking. So, I cook and give the food to them, and it brings me so much joy to see them appreciating the food I made. 
Sujeong: She has the mindset of a mother. 
Jin: Your dream is to be a good wife and wise mother, right?
Jiae: Yes, that's my ultimate dream.
BabySoul, Kei: Ultimate dream... *laugh*
Jiae: I don't want to be a stay-at-home mom thought. I'd like to have a career and enjoy my work as well. 
Sujeong: That's admireable.
Jiae: Fighting!!!

Mijoo: I'm the Tom of Lovelyz. I love people, and I love initiating conversations. So, I initiate conversations with the other members, and play jokes on them, so they keep calling me Tom and they're Jerry.
Sujeong: 6 Jerrys!
Kei: We run away from her!
Mijoo: We display such great teamwork. Anything you'd like to say about me? Why aren't you say anything about me?
Sujeong: She decides on her target once a day.
Mijoo: Right. "You're my target!"
Sujeong: And if you're her target, you won't be able to escape her the entire day!
Jiae: It becomes quiet even if it's just Mijoo's who's missing. 
Mijoo: Once, our manager told me, that it was very quiet in our van because I wasn't there. She told me that it was all because I wasn't there!!! I'll try to be quiet from now on.
All: No!!!
BabySoul: That's your one and only strength thought!
Mijoo: Really? Then, I'll keep on talking. I'm Mijoo of Lovelyz!

Kei: I'm Lovelyz's chef!
Jin: Wow! So luxurious
BabySoul: Not a "cook" but a "chef".
Kei: Ever since I was young, I've loved helping my mom prepare for dinner. So, imitating her allowed me to improve naturally as a cook. I cook often for other people including my bandmates, and they are appreciate my cooking.
Jiae: She makes huge dishes!
Jin: Galbi-jjim (braised short ribs)!
Kei: Foods that I can cook well.
Yein: Jiae is good at making desserts like brownies, whereas Kei is good at making braised spicy chicken, short ribs, kimchi pancakes, and five-spice sliced steamed pork!
Kei: That's my best dish.
Yein: I haven't tried it yet but she said she's good at making it!
BabySoul: So, when will we...
Yein: When will we get to taste it? 
Kei: I'll cook more delicious foods for you!

BabySoul: I am subtly but surely error-prone! I didn't know I was error-prone before. I didn't know that, but when I writing this, they told me to write it. I don't know why they're accusing me of this though.
Sujeong: She is slightly... For example, we have to bring our stage shoes with us even when we aren't performing because we need them for rehearsals at the end of the day. Babysoul says, "Make sure you bring your stage shoes!". Then, she ends up being the only one who doesn't bring her shoes! She sounds very smart, is determined, leads us well, and seems perfect, but she actually makes a lot of errors and mistakes. 
BabySoul: I'll do a better job from now on. 

Jin: I'm a water well. I'm a water well because once I'm into something, I fall deeply.
Sujeong: Like... When she's into a song.
Jin: I only listen to that song! I only eat one type of food I'm into!
Kei: Yes, that's all she eats!
Jin: I only buy the type of clothes I'm into at the moment. I'm kind of like that. 
Sujeong: Not kind of! Severely! Completely! She's a total water well. 
Jin: It's the worst when it comes to music.
Sujeong: It's very bad. I sit next to her in the van, and I can hear what kind of music she's listening to. She's been listening to the same song for weeks!
Mijoo: She has had that song on repeat!
Jin: That's why I'm a water well. 

Yein: I'm Cinderella! At midnight, Cinderella's carriage transforms back into a pumpkin and her clothes become raggedy again...
Sujeong: Raggedy...
Yein: She transforms back into herself. I'm not completely like that, but I become more energetic past midnight! When we practice until late at night or even until the early morning. The older members slowly wither away, but I start bursting with energy when it past midnight. 
BabySoul: Yein is great at tumbling. When it's past midnight and we've practiced for about 5 hours, she starts doing tumbling by herself!
Yein: I work out on my own...
Jin: She even sings in her room...
Sujeong: I was startled! I entered our room to sleep, and I saw her singing in bed while moving her arms and legs.
Jin: She even sang pop songs. I was shocked. 

Sujeong: I'm a digestive medicine! I'm a digestive medicine for Lovelyz. Whenever the other members have a mind block during interviews, I help continue the talk and keep the interview flowing.
BabySoul: Despite her young age, Sujeong is a great speaker. She knows exactly what to say when we have trouble expressing our thoughts. I'm the eldest member, and she speaks as well as I do. She is also thoughtful. When we are down and low, she lifts the mood in a different way from Mijoo... Of course, Mijoo lifts up the mood, too, but she does it in a very energetic way. On the other hand, Sujeong does it in a cute way, and she makes every single one of us feel good. That's also why we call he a digestive medicine.
Kei: We can't live without her!
Sujeong: They say that they can't live without me. I think I'm going to cry!
Yein: Cry!
Sujeong: They said that they were just kidding earlier, and that stopped me from crying. I'm so happy!
BabySoul: Athough it hasn't been long since our debut, we've already done several interviews,  but we've never been asked this question before, and this was our first time doing an interview on our own. It gave us a chance to get to know one another better. It was a fun and valuable time for us. 
Mijoo: Now, you feel like you finally know the other members?
BabySoul: No...
Yein: I realized for the first time today that BabySoul is subtly bu surely error-prone.
BabySoul: I learned about myself today, too.
Kei: It was a meaningful time.
BabySoul: We were a bit clumsy today, but if we get another chance like this, we'll try to show you how fun and sharp we are!
All: We are Lovelyz! We love you!

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