Tuesday, March 31, 2015

miss A 7th Project 'Colors' Comeback Showcase

On March 30th, miss A held their comeback showcase for 'Colors' at the K Art Hall in Olympic Park, Seoul.

After the hiatus period of a year and five months, finally miss A coming back with their 7th project. Yesterday on the showcase Min explained why the group had a long hiatus before this comeback, it's because they were searching for a good song and couldn't find any good song with the right 'feeling' right away so after the searching finally they picked 'Only You' as their comeback song after a long time.

'Only You' is a dance track with addictive melody that written by Black Eyed Pilseung who also wrote SISTAR's 'Touch My Body'. For they new album there is 6 songs includes, Only You, One Step, Love Song, I Caught Ya, Melting and Stuck. After the release of 'Only You', the song has topped the 9 music charts includes MelOn, Mnet, Olleh, Soribada, Genie and more. The MV also hit 1 million views less than 24 hours after the release, and now already 2 million views. 

A week before miss A released their new album, there is a dating news about Suzy and Lee Min Ho and Suzy finally answer the questions about her relationship with him, "I would appreciate it if you could talk a lot more about miss A's album and music. I'm meeting Lee Min Ho well, so please just support us."

Redarding their London date, Suzy answered, it's only because they had a photo shoot around the same time so they able to meet in London and nothing special about it. They only went on a drive, ate together just dated like everyone else.

On the showcase Jia also talks about JYP gave them a song but they are rejected it because it didn't have the 'right' feel. There is a possibility that miss A will head to head with Park Jin Young for his next comeback around April and Suzy said it's a bit burdensome because he'll be watching, if they don't do well, they will have to get a lessons again.

miss A will be coming back with 'Only You' for the first time on M! Countdown on April 2nd.

photo credit: herald pop
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