Friday, April 17, 2015

Dalshabet Hold a Surprise Guerilla Performance in Hongik University

On April 17th, Dalshabet hold a surprise guerilla performance near Hongik University at Mapo-gu, Seoul.

Dalshabet recently released their 8th Mini Album 'JOKER IS ALIVE' with the title song 'JOKER' on April 15th and already performed on today's episode of M! Countdown.

Before their comeback, one of the member Subin got injured and Jiyul said because of that they experienced a slump and decided to went on a trip to get some fresh air. But Subin added, the injury is also inspired her to make 'JOKER'.

But after their released the song, they can not performing on KBS 'Music Bank' today for their comeback because of the pronounciation of 'JOKER' that's like inappropriate word in Korean.

Guerilla performance is a girlgroup's hot trend after EXID got so much love last year after their guerilla concert for 'UP&DOWN'. 

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