Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Girl's Day Minah Pictorial on @star1 Magazine

On April 15th, @star1 magazine revealed the preview of Girl's Day Minah pictorial for May Issue.

Girl's Day Minah talk about eye make up on the latest interview with @star1 magazine. She also revealed all the secret of her eye make up and eye smile.

The pictorial of Minah with @star1 magazine will be released on April 21st. The pictorial concept was 'Fresh Love'. In May the full interview with Minah will be released including her thought about solo activities, hobbies, and future plans.

In an interview they asked about who's most sexiest member on Girl's Day, she answered, "It's Sojin unnie. For Sojin it's not only her appearance that looks sexy but also her mind is sexy too."

See more photo below!

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