Saturday, April 18, 2015

SISTAR's Dasom featured in @star1 magazine, talks about love and obsession

On April 16th, @star1 magazine revealed the preview of SISTAR's Dasom pictorial and interview for May Issue.

The first question about dating style that close to obsession, "What if your boyfriend are obsessed with you?" Dasom answer, "I like it. I think it's a true love." The she added, "The other girls also will enjoy it too."

Then the other question, "What kind of man you want to meet?", she answered, "I like a real man that  innocent and didn't have a lot of experience in love." She also added, "It's amazing that all of the AB type always like that."

Pictorial of Dasom will be released on April 21st, with the concept of 10th anniversary of the British casual brand Hedges Ladies and London.

Full interview about honest story about Dasom ideal type, future activities and the pictorial of her will be released this May.

See more photo below!

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