Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Solji talks about EXID's members, ideal type and more for bnt international

On April 21st, bnt international published the full pictorial and interview with EXID's Solji.

The most popular girl group these days, EXID's leader Solji talks about how her career turns out and thanks to her fellow members.

For the pictorial there were taken in the 4 different concepts. The first one, has been directed in the relaxing atmosphere while sitting on the bed wearing jersey and skirt. Unlike the charisma on the stage, Solji transform into the soft and comfortable person and did the various poses for the pictorial.

In the interview they asked about her first win on 'King of Mask', "At first it's a burdensome for me. I still can't forget when I got first place. King of Mask has a deep meaning for me, this is the program that I can sing after a long time and got first place in the end."

Then Solji answered question about EXID's member personal activities, "Hani is the first member that appeared in the variety show, because of that so many peoples now EXID more. Thank's to Hani because of her the other members now can show their charms as well."

About their latest album, AH YEAH there is a song from their previous album 'Every Night', Solji answered, "For this album, I hope many peoples love it and give us a lot of support."

Solji also revealed her ideal type is actor Kim Soo Hyun, because his acting also because of his cute and sexy charm.

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