Thursday, May 7, 2015

After School's Nana Transformed Into Office Girl for GLAMM

On May 6th, After School's Nana spotted filming for fiber drink brand 'GLAMM'.

Nana as the advertising model for fiber drink GLAMM filming a video that took a place at studio in Paju. The shoot took with a concept stylish and sexy office girl that become a wannabe star for many of young women.

Lovely Nana showed her long legs and slim waist while wearing H-line skirt and slim-fit shirt. The shooting began in early morning and Nana showed a refreshing unique energy on the set without losing her professional side from 7 years experience in the entertainment field.

Head team of GLAMM marketing, Kim Seong Hun revealed his thought about Nana as a model of the brand, "Nana is attracting as hot style icon that meets well with the brand concept, a fiber drink for stylish and modern young women." then he added, "For GLAMM's online video, this time Nana will show the office story, sexy, luxury and beautiful body of her. So please wait for it."

See more photo below!

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