Sunday, May 17, 2015

Girl's Day Hyeri Attends Puma Ignite Seoul Race

On May 17th, Girl's Day Hyeri attended Puma Ignite Race in Hongdae, Seoul.

Ignite Seoul is a 10km race competition leading to Yeouido Park. The participants gathered at the start line from 5PM KST and start the race with route Hongdae intersection, Sogang high school and finished the race in Yeouido park.

On the other hand, Puma Ignite running shoes launched a large-scale commemoration campaign that held in 10 cities around the world.

Hyeri attended the race wearing its brand from head to toe. Beside Hyeri there are some artist who attended the race such as Cheondung, Kangnam, Yoo Seung Ok and more.

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