Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Girl's Day pictorial for HIGH CUT magazine

On May 5th, HIGH CUT magazine released Girl's Day pictorial for May issue.

Girl's Day released a dyed hair pictorial with variety colors from hair product "Mise-en-scene". The pictorial took with a concept 'The Color Of Girl' that showed variety colors such as gold, pink, brown and more. 

In the pictures that has been published, Hyeri looks sexy with a provocating pose and her vanilla gold hair. Meanwhile Yura showed sophisticated image with a soft brown color. In the other side Minah with champagne rose pink and Sojin with dark choco turn color hair for the pictorial.

After completing the photoshoot, Girl's Day member were interviewed about Hyeri's aegyo and broadcasting activities.

Hyeri, "To be honest, I don't think that is an aegyo. It's only a habit that I did when cry in 'Real Man'." After that Minah and Yura also commented on Hyeri's aegyo and Sojin revealed her thought about broadcasting program

The full pictorial and interview with Girl's Day for HIGH CUT magazine no.149 will be released on May 7th and on May 12th from digital high cut application you can enjoy the pictorial and behind the scene video of Girl's Day.

See more photos below!

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