Monday, June 29, 2015

2015 SECRET Fanmeeting in Singapore + Hana talks about her solo album

On June 27th, SECRET succesfully holds their fanmeeting in Singapore.

The fanmeeting was held in Resort World Theater, Resort World Sentosa at 7PM until 9PM. SECRET's members arrived in Singapore on June 26th. Before the fanmeeting, one of the member Jun Hyosung hold the autograph session in Bugis+ Atrium, Level 2 at 7PM until 9PM on June 26th.

2015 SECRET Fanmeeting in Asia Singapore is organized by Biz Trend Media and managed by Unleash Production. The ticket devided into 4 different type, CAT 1 (VIP), CAT 2, CAT 3 and CAT 4. The fans got the special package for them who purchased CAT 1 and CAT 2 ticket such as Hyosung's album, SECRET's concert poster and Hi-5 opportunity with the members. 

SECRET kicked off the fanmeeting with 'Poison' performance yesterday. After that followed by their hit single 'Madonna'. On the Q&A time with the fans, SECRET's Hana revealed she is currently working on her solo album that means she will be the third member of SECRET who make a solo debut. They also talking about what concept the members wants to try for the next album, Hyosung said she would like to try punk style and Sunhwa would like to try the indie band style because she likes it.

Sunhwa also revealed she's learning Chinese these days and Jieun wants to visit the night safari in Singapore next time. After the Q&A time they moved out to game session with the fans. There was some technical errors before the game started. Because of the errors, Hyosung sing 'Good-night Kiss' for the fans who waited for it. Unfortunately the game session got cancelled due to it, but the participants will not go home with an empty hand, they got tumblers with signature of each members.

After the game session, they're back performing 'Yoohoo' and 'Shy Boy'. The first game got cancelled but they're planned the second game. The way they choose the participants was so different. The first 4 male fans who took of their shirts were chosen to get on the stage. 'Together' performance followed after the game session and this performance brings to an end of the fanmeeting. But it is not the real end of the show, they're back with an encore performance 'Love Is Move' and took a group photos with all the fans.

In the end, Hyosung hopes SECRETTIME's can continue to support SECRET and promised they will always be together with SECRETTIMEs. The fanmeeting has ended and they moved out to Hi-5 session for fans who purchased CAT 1 (VIP) ticket. SECRET has departed to Taiwan from Singapore for their fanmeeting on June 28th.

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photo by: @S_Hyeri
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