Wednesday, June 24, 2015

4Minute's Jihyun shows her new look for The Celebrity

After finishing 'Crazy' promotion with her group 4Minute, Nam Ji Hyun is back with her new look for The Celebrity magazine July issue.

Lifestyle magazine 'The Celebrity' unveiled Nam Ji Hyun's feminine and innocent side with pictorial for July issue. Nam Ji Hyun came up with unique layering look that express the sensibility of LA street girls.

In an interview Nam Ji Hyun revealed, "I usually had the desire to try various attemps and had so much fun for the first time.  I have the feeling for dressing in my age. In this photoshoot, I would like to challenge and bring my delight to discover a variety of charms."

The full interview and pictorial with Nam Ji Hyun will be released on July 2015 through The Celebrity official website (

See more photos below!

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