Monday, June 22, 2015

After School's Nana & Lee Kwang Soo chosen as the advertising models for a famous waterpark 'Ocean World'

After School's Nana & actor Lee Kwang Soo has been appointed as the advertising models for a famous waterpark 'Ocean World'.

On June 22nd, Ocean World unveiled the photos of their new models Nana & Lee Kwang Soo and revealed the news regarding advertising models appointment. 

Despite their busy schedule in Korea and overseas, Nana & Lee Kwang Soo finished their photoshoot for Ocean World.

Before the new models are chosen, the former models Lee Hyo Ri, SISTAR and athlete Son Yeon Jae are known for their great posture that received so much love back then. Now, in 2015 it is expected that the first male and female model paired for Ocean World will be received attention as well.

Ocean World side revealed, "Lee Kwang Soo and Nana as a match couple to introduce a youth world for Ocean World. This year, with Lee Kwang Soo & Nana as the models we would like to penetrate the Asian market, including China."

Meanwhile, Nana & Lee Kwang Soo CF for Ocean World is expected will be released in the end of June.

See more photos below!

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