Wednesday, June 24, 2015

AOA's Mina surprise everyone with her 17.9 inches waist

Hottest girl group, AOA will appear on MBC Every1's 'Weekly Idol'.

AOA is finally back with their latest single 'Heart Attack' and will appear on Weekly Idol today's episode. In particular, was flooded with questions about about their body, and the group draw attention by revealing their members waist size.

The first runner Jimin showed off her mannequin body with 19.5 inches waist. It followed with Mina that gathered great expectation even before it start because she looks so much slender than Jimin. After several times measuring her size, at the end they got the size and surpised everyone with her 17.9 inches waist.

After that, Mina is picked as the member who has the best waist in AOA. She even beat KARA's Hara who has 19 inches waist.

Weekly Idol with AOA will be broadcast today at 6PM KST on MBC Every1.

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