Wednesday, June 3, 2015

SISTAR, SNSD, AOA, Girl's Day and Apink confirmed to make a summer comeback

On June 3rd, the news of SNSD, Girl's Day, AOA and Apink revealed that gain so much attention with their summer comeback.

First, SISTAR confirmed to make a comeback in the fourth week of June and on June 2nd they released the first teaser images 'WHO AM I?'. SISTAR to release a new song after 10 months with a track produced by Duble Sidekick. Starship representative said, "There is still a progress for SISTAR new album and the date of their comeback is not confirmed yet." On June 6th, STARSHIP Entertainment revealed SISTAR's will be coming back with new mini album on June 22nd.

FNC Entertainment CEO, Han Sung Ho on June 3rd left a message on FNC's official site, "AOA is currently preparing for a comeback with a new album release goal of mid-June." On June 6th, AOA revealed they will be making a comeback on June 22nd and hold a showcase at Uniqlo AX Hall (AX-KOREA).

After Jessica's leave the group, SNSD finally will be making a Korean comeback with 8 members this summer. On June 3rd, SM Entertainment revealed, "SNSD is preparing for new album, but the release date has not been decided yet." So SNSD is expected will make a comeback around the end of June or in July. 

Also on June 3rd, DreamT Entertainment stated, "Girl's Day will make a comeback with an official album on July 6th.". Girl's Day the only comeback group with confirmed date for their comeback so far. Dream T also added, "The title song selection process took longer than expected and the comeback was postponed. As we've carefully chosen the song, we hope that many people will love Girl's Day new album."

Last but not least, On June 3rd Apink also revealed to make a comeback in July. Apink decided to make a comeback after 8 months. Due to the activities in Japan the exact date for comeback is still being coordinated.

Also after the news of SECRET's Sunhwa tweets earlier, TS Entertainment stated, "There is no conflict between SECRET's members, Sunhwa only explaining a misunderstanding in her twitter posts. Preparation of SECRET's album is also on track for comeback." So let's wait for the further info about their comeback.
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