Wednesday, June 10, 2015

SNSD is ready to action for their new music video in Bangkok

On June 10th, SNSD spotted at Incheon International Airport going to Bangkok for music video filming.

Recently, SNSD announced their comeback for the first time after Jessica left the group last year. SNSD expected to make a comeback around June or in July. They haven't decided the official date yet for now.

Couple days ago, there are some rumors about the release of SNSD's comeback track and also some groups such as Apink, INFINITE & Ailee will be released on July 6th. But there is no further info about it until now.

SNSD rocking their comeback with new hairstyles like bright hair color and short hair. The members looks good with the new hairstyles and hopefully their comeback will be hit just like before!

See more photos below!

photo credit: wstarnews, fnstar
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