Friday, June 26, 2015

SNSD's Hyoyeon will release her real style book 'HYO STYLE'

SNSD's Hyoyeon will release a book containing the real style of her 'HYO STYLE'.

HYO STYLE is a book that contains about the various style of Hyoyeon from fashion, beauty and more. So far, the items for her dressing table and wardrobe are collected to show her best style.

Hyoyeon is scheduled to hold the 'Hyouse Day' on July 1st for the commemoration of her first style book and will also have a meeting with the readers. The place will be decorated with Hyoyeon's fashion items that shows her real style and she also conducted a mini exhibition of Kim Hyoyeon.

She said, "I wish I could increase my confident through the book. When you challenge yourself in different styles, I think you can find the pretty look of yourself. That's totally your style. I wish all of us will have the more confidence. Through the process now the Hyoyeon's style is made. I'm still going to try to find another Hyo's style in the future."

The story of Hyoyeon 'HYO SYLE' will be available online and also at the bookstore starting from July.
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