Thursday, June 25, 2015

Wonder Girls will make a comeback as 4-member band + confirmed date

On June 25th, Wonder Girls revealed the confirmed date of their comeback.

Wonder Girls finally will be making their comeback but rather as a dance group, they're completely change the color of the group and decided to be back with a new concept as a band.

According to the music industry officials, Wonder Girls new album release date has been decided on August 3rd. The music video filming is in progress right now and the album recording is nearly done.

The album is planning will contains 10 songs. As a band Yeeun will take in charge as keyboardist, Sunmi as bassist, Lim as guitarist and Yubin as drummer. They also will showing the member playing the instrument at the music video.

JYPE side reveals, "9 years idol, Wonder Girls is talking about the change for a long time. We received so many love after a lot of activities. The new changes will be required and we end the worry, so we decided to work as a band. As indeed it could not shake the fear to work with a band that put a lot of efforts. We will show it on the stage."
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