Thursday, July 30, 2015

Acapella group 'DIA' needs explanation from rookie girl group 'DIA' by using the same name

5-member acapella group 'DIA' needs explanation from rookie girl group 'DIA' by using the same name.

Recently the members of acapella group DIA revealed their thoughts in an interview. They said, "On July 4th we found our team name on the internet search engine. When we found it was the rookie girl group DIA and not us it's so embarassing. It seemed so similar to us even in english spelling. Then we thought 'What is this?'. It's not really good to see another group has the same name with us. We're now in the blank. This situation is determined not properly."

What the impact to the team?

"Previously in 2011 there is also duo group with the same name 'DIA'. We don't know if they still active or not. But this time has a different impact from that. T-ARA's agency just like they're planning to buy us. It seems clear to us in a any way be affected."

They added, "Already it was difficult to search articles and information about our team on the portal sites. Even one month ago we search 'DIA' assosiation terms with 'Acapella' is still exist, but now there is none of them. People will more difficult to find our name later."

Have you ever been contacting DIA's company regarding the group name?

"In that case there is no contact at all. I wonder whether they even know my team? We're not the group that shouldn't be in search...Does the name would be written if they're saw our team? If the planners would go that much of thought...I wonder they could use our name because we're not famous? I am thinking that you do not care? I don't know."

What do you want to say to DIA's agency?

"I don't know. I feel good and leave the bad and just wonder what the reason for writing the name 'DIA'. I would like to ask it. Whether they didn't know we're exist or they know it... common sense seems to have been avoided... I can't understand it. I would not suspect... They even didn't know we're exist it seems to feel hurt if ignored."

What do you think about this situation?

"We never had a thought about the trademark or such a thing. I don't know about that, never even thought this thing would happen. In this regard I don't know what we can do. We're a 14-years unfamous acapella group. If you interested in acapella there is respect in our team. We're together  for 14 years so there is a passion for 'DIA' as the name."

They added, "Acapella genre was widely known as a minor. If we search 'DIA' on the internet and found the girl group activities and their ranking on music sites it would be difficult. Because girl group 'DIA' hasn't debut yet I'm still confused and don't know what the situation. Our team name and that girl group name make us worry about being 'parody'."
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