Thursday, July 23, 2015

EXID aiming for a September comeback with a new single album

EXID is going to make a comeback in September.

Earlier this year, EXID's latest song 'AH YEAH' became a big success following their hit song 'UP&DOWN'. They are currently work on new song and aiming to make comeback in the second week of September.

The rough concept of the new song is a reversed charm. Unlike the similar style of hit songs 'UP&DOWN' and 'AH YEAH', EXID will release a new song in a different style. 

On July 23rd Yedang Entertainment revealed, "EXID will make a comeback in the second week of September. The composer Shinsadong Tiger and LE currently working in the new song and it is nearly done. When the song is finished in a few days the final plan soon to enter the recording session. This time the new album is expected to be the single album."

EXID is scheduled to shoot the album jacket and music video of new song in early August.

The music expert said, "The composer says the musical of new song was reversed. This time will be the music to see another attraction of EXID and we could feel the heat from an existing song."

Stay tuned for more update!
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