Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Girl's Day agency explain about Sojin's outfit at comeback showcase

Girl's Day agency representative explained about Sojin's outfit at the comeback showcase.

On July 6th, Girl's Day comeback showcase for their 2nd album 'LOVE' was held at KBS Sports World, Seoul. Girl's Day has introduced their new song 'Ring My Bell' and performance for the first time at the comeback showcase yesterday.

It becomes an issue because of some pictures of Sojin wearing hot pants and her bare thighs were showing and it was embroiled in controversy exposure.

DreamT Entertainment official said, "The stage was high and the picture was taken from underneath. Even in a little bit of illusion of the outfits was not at all deliberately intended to expose."

The official added, "We will pay close attention to the clothes without causing any misunderstanding in the future."
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