Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Hip-hop girl group Goddess to make a comeback after 2 years with new single

4-member hip-hop girl group Goddess finally to make a comeback after 2 years.

Goddess agency, KW Entertainment said, "Goddess is preparing a surprise comeback with new digital single '2AM' that will be released tomorrow."

As we can see on the photo, Goddess will be releasing their new song and teamed up with Gavy NJ for the project digital single album.

In particular, Goddess make a comeback in the middle of girl group summer battle, but they're decided to release a new song with a ballad that contains hip-hop and R&B genre.

The agency added, "We're going to Japan and China to further activities based on the upgraded music and appearance. In particular, this combination allows the listeners to enjoy the more fresh thing that will come."

Goddess new single '2AM' will be released on July 22nd through online music sites.

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