Monday, July 13, 2015

Hong Kong girl group 'As One' to make a Korean debut with 'Candy Ball'

Hong Kong girl group As One to challenge Korean market this July.

As One is a Hong Kong Cantopop girl group formed by Sun Entertainment Culture and choreographer Sunny Wong debut in 2012. The group consist of four member Shin, Nata, Chloe and Kayan. Chloe and Kayan was added to the group through an audition last March. It is reported they are currently training in Korea preparing for their comeback in Hong Kong, before the official news of their Korean debut is out.

The leader, main rapper and lead dancer Shin is a Korean, she was a former national player of rhytmic gymnastic in Hong Kong. 

As One Korean debut song 'Candy Ball' is a song containing a rocking guitar sound and with a dance pop as a genre. Harmonies of the member's vocals lead us to the fairy tale charms.

The great person in the music industry were involved in As One debut song. 'Candy Ball' is composed by Lee Ki Yong, lyrics by MayBee, choreographed by the dance team WAWA and styling by Seo Soo Kyeong. As One debut song music video 'Candy Ball' directed by ZANYBROSHong Won Ki.

As One agency said, "Korean music industry is also marketed over the world. The opportunity to work with the staff in Korea with a great skill in this industry its such an honor for us. The lively music will be given to Korean market, so please support us."

'Candy Ball' was released today at 12PM KST through the music sites.

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