Saturday, July 18, 2015

K-Pop Star 3's Kwon Jin Ah to officially make a debut!

K-Pop Star 3's contestant, Kwon Jin Ah to make a debut around September.

According to the agency, On July 13th Kwon Jin Ah to make a debut under Antenna Music this fall with a song produced by Yoo Huiyeol. Earlier, Kwon Jin Ah participated in drama OST, album project and more but this is the first time to release an album under her name.

The first album had been note that many famous musician with great skill participated on it. Before the debut, she was participated in famous musician album such as Yoo Huiyeol, Sung Si Kyung and Primary. It is expected she will gather a certain charm through her musicality.

Her debut album is reached final stage of preparation. The album is expected to be released in early September depending on the final result.

Kwon Jin Ah's side told Starnews, "We are currently collecting all the songs to be included in the album." They added, "The album's led production under Yoo Huiyeol mostly finished. In 1-2 months, all the preparations are expected to be completed."

Kwon Jin Ah was born in 1997, she appeared on K-Pop Star 3, became a dark horse between the contestants and left the strong impression. At the time she performed the acoustic version of hit song 'See Through' by Primary feat Zion.T & Gaeko and was praised by the judges. Last April, she signed an exclusive contract with Antenna Music and has been preparing for a debut.
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