Thursday, July 2, 2015

Multinational group D.HOLIC unveils 1st mini album poster

Multinational group D.HOLIC unveiled the poster for 1st mini album.

On July 2nd, D.HOLIC unveiled the poster for 1st mini album through their SNS account and online sites. In the poster showing mature sides of D.HOLIC's members Hami, Lena, Danbi, Nain and Duri.

D.HOLIC is a group from HMate Entertainment debut in October, 2014 with song that contains hip-hop rhythms and addictive melody 'I Don't Know'. Through the various activities after their debut, D.HOLIC got a great reaction from the fans in Japan and China.

D.HOLIC 1st mini album will be released on July 8th with title song '쫄깃쫄깃'. They also sets out the full activities for this comeback.
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