Thursday, July 16, 2015

N*White will make their first comeback stage on M! Countdown

N*White will reveals 'Paradise' first comeback stage on M! Countdown.

On July 16th, N*White's agency J&J Entertainment said, "N*White 2nd mini album 'Paradise' will be released today at noon through the various music sites."

Following the statement, "ZigZag Note is the one who responsible for producing the song. Leader Soohyun participated in the writing lyric of 3 songs on the album, it showed off the face of singer-songwriter. The album was recorded with 4 songs."

They added, "Title track 'Paradise' is a fantasy song reminiscent of a fairy tale love story of Peter Pan and Wendy. The rich orchestral sound is reminiscent of a piece of Disney animation OST."

On the other hand, N*White will be having their first comeback stage with 'Paradise' today on M! Countdown and entered a full-fledged activity.
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