Thursday, July 30, 2015

Rookie girl group DIA mostly talks about T-ARA in their latest interview

Rookie girl group DIA (Diamond) commonly known as T-ARA's sister group just finished their music video shooting in Hong Kong.

On July 28th immediately after music video shooting in Hongkong, DIA met the reporters and sharing some stories. The music video shooting for their debut song being filmed from July 27th in Hong Kong and Macau.

DIA's leader Seunghee said, "T-ARA (senior) talking to us for the first time. They said, because of us you will see a lot of problem. You need to overcome the wall and mountain in front of you."

Cathy, "T-ARA (senior) have recalled that incident and it was hurt. But however. They never did that. In addition, we continue to crossed the mountains. Yet it never did fall down. more brave and working harder, they said." She added, "'T-ARA's sister' it's not just the title but it also cheered and helped us to overcome the situation."

The overall interviews that day, the reporters more focused on T-ARA and their past 'incident'. Then later the person who made DIA Kim Kwang Soo asked about the audition of DIA's members, "I honestly curious. What do I think about these girls."

Cathy said, "Before joining this company I just thought it was not a good thing." Then, "When I first saw T-ARA, I was surprised when they were taking care their juniors carefully."

Seunghee said, "I honestly believed that 'incident' is real." Then, "I can frankly talk to T-ARA (senior) when I met them. There are also the distorted and partial match was a part of this or that thing. There are many parts we had a distorted and boldly held out.

The oldest member Seunghee also revealed about the criteria of DIA's members selection. She said, "Maybe because there were such a 'incident' the criteria of member selection focused on the 'toughness'. DIA is a group formed in a long time with painstakingly."

Kim Kwang Soo added, "It beyond the 'toughness'. So 3-4 people including the members took a long time until the last minute before members confirmation they were being replaced."

It is reported that DIA will shoot their second debut single '닿을 듯 말 듯' today in Macau. The second single has a opposite feeling from first single 'Somehow'. It contains addictive melody and sexy feel and choreography. DIA is scheduled to make their official debut in September with double title track 'Somehow' and '닿을 듯 말 듯'.

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