Saturday, August 22, 2015

1,000 fans come to Girl's Day album pre-promotion in Japan

Girl's Day make a Japanese debut with a pre-promotions of upcoming album.

On August 22nd, DreamT Enterainment said, "Girl's Day first Japanese album will be coming out in September, On August 21st ahead of the first album released, we had a meeting with local fans at Hoop Open Air Plaza." Then, "We're surpised that 1,000 fans had come while brought placards and gifts for Girl's Day and waiting for them."

Girl's Day showed the enthusiastic performances while singing their latest song 'Ring My Bell' and hit song 'Darling' in the promotion. Fans also filled the street and showed an explosive reaction while cheered for Girl's Day.

The agency added, "After the event was spreading we're suprised by the fans who keep continue showing their interest." And, "1,000 fans have seen the hot reaction in the event and singing along while Girl's Day performing, so it's more like a green light to Girl's Day for entering Japan music industry."

From August 21st until August 23rd, Girl's Day will traveled to 6 cities in Japan such as Tokyo, Okinawa and more to meet the local fans.

Meanwhile, Girl's Day to announce their first Japanese album 'Darling' on September 30th.

Source: eNews24
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