Saturday, August 15, 2015

BoA 'Green Light VS SNSD 'Green Light'

SNSD is going to release 5th album 'Lion Heart' that included new song 'Green Light' next week.

'Green Light' is a song that included on SNSD 5th album 'Lion Heart' has attracted some attention because it has the same title of BoA's song that also released earlier this year.

BoA composed 'Green Light' by herself, is a dance pop song with a cool string. It was loved by the fans but the melodies of the track is not really easy listening.

According to the representative of SM, SNSD's 'Green Light' is a pop dance song with youthful refreshing charm that captures man's heart. The song has same title but made by different composer. SNSD's 'Green Light' is composed by The Underdogs an American R&B/pop producing team that also worked with Chris Brown, Jordin Sparks, Pink, JoJo and more.

There are a few singers sing the same title song but it rarely when the singers are from same agency just like BoA and SNSD. The expectation of SNSD's new album has gained much more because of this.

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