Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Check out the 7 key points about HYUNA’s sexiness in LA!

The Color of sexy. It's a nickname only for HYUNA. Her new trailer released on August 10 was the real color of sexiness.

HYUNA's remarkable sexiness. It is not something just done in one day. She has been working hard for no one to approach.

It is same for this album too. HYUNA participated in directing from concept to appearance.

"It was really hot this summer, right? Here LA, US was so hot too. I had to stand in intense hot for the shooting. That's why I could make it cooler." (HYUNA)

Q: The concept of the trailer video  it's just hot. You played a character of freewheeling girl who enjoys the party.

HYUNA, "Yes, yes. It's a hot girl I played. I started worrying about the teaser video as I confirmed the 'It's because I'm the best' as a title track'. Like the title itself, I thought I must be the best. I felt like then I could represent 'hot girl' on the sage as well. The starting point of it was the trailer video. I meant to play really hard."

Q: Actually you in the trailer video was sexier and hotter. You even exposed backless features in the video...OMG.

HYUNA, "It was a new endeavor for myself as well. I actually felt some pressure. But I felt relaxed because I filmed it in overseas maybe? I felt more free because it was a vacation place? I wouldn't have done it if I shoot in Korea. I probably concerned about other people's attention. There would have been many thing to concern about."

Q: Summer in Seoul was very hot. What about summer in LA, US?

HYUNA, "I heard that Korea was a heat wave too. The United States was really hot also. So it was very hard but the staff must have been harder than me. I concerned about them a lot. Oh! And my fans don't like me tanned. They don't like me looking dark. So I worried about getting tanned. I hope they like me."

Q: There are a lot of baring scenes even in the teaser video. Therefor I wonder how hard she tried to show a firm body....

HYUNA, "I did exercise twice more than I did when I prepare for 'RED' and 'Crazy'. It was really hard because I had to do intensive train often. By the way I feel so proud if I see the photos after that training. I say well, isn't it good? Haha."

Q: What the funniest thing happened while filming this trailer movie? 

HYUNA, "There was a lots of funny scene overall. Shooting site was fun always. Among them I'll choose my acting like a person who is dead drunk. In fact, I drunk water instead of alcohol. However I kept laugh while trying to act like a drunken person. Haha. I remember that I laughed out loud while do the monitoring."

Q: Which part you participated in this album?

HYUNA, "Of course I did all! From the big image overall and details, I did them all. I discussed with composer everyday. And selected all tracks carefully. I even wrote the lyrics. Like 3 songs? I tried not to feel pressure. It was fun anyway. I had to put most effort in this album."

Q: Which attractiveness does HYUNA want to appeal?

HYUNA, "I will present confident and energetic stage. I hope people watch my stage to be fun. Also receive good energy as well. I want to appeal with something different. Maybe something bubbly? More detailed explanation could be a spoiler so I'll stop here! Let's meet on the 21st!"

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