Saturday, August 29, 2015

Check out the full interview of EXID's Hani for THE STAR!

Check out the full interview of EXID's Hani on fashion magazine 'THE STAR' for September Issue.

On 'Cool Kiz On The Block' you're good in swimming. Is there any something else you're good at?

Hani, "Am I good? I am good at adaptation! I have so many fear, but I adapted so fast. That's why I looks good in everything."

Then what kind of thing you can't do?

Hani, "So many. Not long ago on reality program the members are talking about me. I know people who are smart but Hani is a little bit odd. But it's true that I'm odd. (laugh)"

Recently you went to shoot 'Law of the Jungle'. Between difficult and fun memories, what did you think first?

Hani, "Earlier I told I want to go to jungle again next time. It's so much fun. It was a healing for me! The jungle is so big and it's so contrast because I'm too small. There was not a big deal that I worried. I'm happy and grateful for that."

On 'Same Bed Different Dream' so many people impressed with the heartfelt advice they received. Especially when your mother called you 'precious'.

Hani, "I call my mom right after the recording. I told her that I cried while telling the story. She's too cool and it makes people around her feels so burden. (Laugh). For me my mom is my bestfriend. When I have a hard time she is the first person that comes to my mind. Despite my age it has many twists and turns, at that time my mom always there for me to hold on to."

THE STAR has so many girls readers. Is there any story you want to share?

Hani, "These days so many high school student thinking too late to start something in their age. When I'm in the second year of high school I also worried to choose between singing or study. Then 'I am still 19 why I put a limit when still there is a possibility? If I should choose between the two, what should I choose?' that's what I thought. But now we don't need something like that. I hope many students believed their own potential. I do singing and study. I'm yet to succeed in both by saying 'I can do it!'(laugh). Now all of it still on process. But I believed it would be enough. Putting a limit on yourself is a stupid thing. I wish you didn't do that."

What did you do to overcome the difficulties or stress?

Hani, "In the past, I read book for a distraction. I did on purpose read only a book that I can not concentrate like reading a mystery novel. Recently, I also wrote a lot. It went down like a diary note. I do not put it briefly delayed. I have just solved it immediately. I set a goal that can be required from a plan. If I didn't set it, I can't achieved it. That's my own way to overcome the stress."

What are you doing when you have a free time?

Hani, "I want to go somewhere that I had never visited before. Take the bus, listening to the music while reading a book and go to park near school. I like that kind of things.

What is the secret to always working hard even you're tired?

Hani, "It's fun. I had a butterflies everytime on the stage. Just like today for the pictorial shoot it's fun and I'm thankful while look at the result. I like to show my good looks. From my debut days if I can't show a good pose, the director of our agency will mad. These days I heard people said I'm good. So it's good to see the picture all over again. (laugh)"

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