Sunday, August 2, 2015

Cheetah will reveals true story of her through 'My Number'

Rapper Cheetah will unveils her new single 'My Number',

Cheetah new song 'My Number' will be released on August 3rd at midnight. In the Cheetah's newest album single contains 2 songs 'My Number' and 'Catharsis' which is produced by Score and producing team GroovyRoom who also involved on Cheetah's first digital single 'Cheetah Itself'.

The agency said, "This song is a 'true' story of Cheetah with a straighforward lyric and addictive strong sound. You can feel the sincere charm of Cheetah through her story as 'Celebrity' on 'My Number'."

'Catharsis' is a song with a reminiscent of Africa. Score participated in the producing it shows more attractive, dynamic and rapidly through the melody and lyrics.

Music video of 'My Number' directed by Lee Gi Baek who also worked with BEAST, Block B, CN BLUE, Jay Park, Dynamic Duo and more. Lee Gi Baek paying attention to overall charm of Cheetah in this music video.

The agency added, "The musicality and artistry of Cheetah's new single would be greatly satisfy the fans more than expected in every aspect."
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