Friday, August 21, 2015

DIA will reveals their daily lives through 'DIA Daily' on Afreeca TV

Rookie girl group DIA will reveals their daily life through 'DIA Daily' on Afreeca TV.

DIA will conduct their first live broadcast program 'DIA's BJ Attack' on Afreeca TV. They will show a live performance and make a surprise visit to BJ's house. In addition, the variety of DIA's member charms will be revealed through the broadcast.

BJ is Broadcasting Jockeys the independent broadcaster on Afreeca TV. 'DIA's BJ Attack' will begin to broadcast on August 24th at 10PM KST. They will play games and communicate with the audience by answering their questions live. In addition, the various events will also unfold such as music video teaser before its official release. 

DIA will hold a guerilla performance for 'DIA's BJ Attack' first broadcast. Meanwhile, they will open a channel called 'DIA Daily' starting from September 1st. Each members will showing their daily life and communicate live with the audience.

It is also reported earlier DIA will make their debut with double title track in the third week of September.

Stay tuned for more update!

Source: 10Asia
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