Saturday, August 29, 2015

Find out more about HyunA's latest album 'A+'!

HyunA have returned after a year as a solo artist. Last time after the released of 'Red' she's became the 'Summer Icon'. This time with the 4th mini album 'A+' and title track 'Roll Deep', HyunA calling all the woman who want to find her self-confident and self-esteem through the song. Check out HyunA's interview about their latest album now!

We are curious about the concept of the title song.

HyunA, "'Roll Deep', 'Red' and 4Minute's 'Crazy' are songs that I created together with all the composers. The composers know me well and all the story that came out for title song. On behalf of all the woman I want to show the confidence appearance through the song." 

The pool party on trailer for your album was impressive. It shows a quite strong feeling.

HyunA, "'When you can play along like this' with that thought I started to filmed the trailer and I was also surprised. But 'Roll Deep' was directed by me and I should play properly to express the song well. So that why I departing to United States, haha. But I do not even dream of such a deviant camp. I'm not a good drinker. I love watching movies while eating watermelon at home comfortably."

Anything burden on the perception that HyunA = sexy concept?

HyunA, "I have a reason to do it that's why I think exposure and sexiness it's okay. I always worried to make the story and situation fit. Because of that worries it brings out a lot of ideas. I also worry about the image. I even more careful in order not to receive such a bad feedback. I think it's a process to develop more further."

What do you think about Wonder Girls MV?

HyunA, "It's a pleasure to meet them. Wonder Girls music video has a good feeling and soon after I saw that I called Yeeun. We also give some advices and encouragement to each other. I am the one who waited for Wonder Girls comeback. I think when we stand on the same stage, many emotions will come across."

This summer there was a massive comeback of girl groups such as SNSD, Apink, AOA, SISTAR and more. What do you think of this girl group war?

HyunA, "A lot of people shows their interest in girl groups these days and it's a good thing. In addition, people may enjoy a variety of music and performances too, it's a good thing right? Of course, while adjusting the pressure, but I think when you are ready to work it's more fun to work together rather than avoiding each other."

Now you also seem to have a clear identity as 'Solo HyunA' than '4Minute's HyunA'.

HyunA, "I appreciate this opportunity that given to me. When I get the opportunity to make a solo album I think it's because the fans are always there. Because I also feel to meet the expectations of fans. A solo album it's not something that you can do every year. So I think all the good result given me more homework to do."
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