Thursday, August 13, 2015

f(x) and Red Velvet sets to make a comeback this fall!

f(x) and Red Velvet sets to make a comeback this fall.

Earlier f(x) reportedly to make a comeback at the end of September with a new formation as a 4-member group.

On August 13th a representative of SM Entertainment told Starin, "f(x) is preparing for a comeback after a released of 'Red Light' a year and two months ago in July 2014." Then, "They're now in the middle of comeback preparation but the exact date of comeback has not been decided yet."

The representative also revealed about Sulli's future plans, "Sulli is currently preparing for a comeback as an actress." Then, "Agency is trying to identify the time and the difficulty also reviewing about the work."

It is also reported that Red Velvet will make a comeback before f(x) at the beginning of September with a new album.

SM side, "After SNSD followed by Red Velvet are preparing for a comeback." Red Velvet is expected to make a comeback with a new album this fall.

Stay tuned for more info!
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