Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Let's get closer with N*White!

After 1 year, girl group N*White finally make a comeback with new formation as 3-member group.

In 2013, N*White debuted with digital single 'My Sunshine' and in 2014 they released the first mini album 'Fairy Tale'. After the group reorganized as 3-member group they're back with refreshing and sweet song 'Paradise'.

Producing team ZigZag Note produced 'Paradise' and the leader Soohyun also participated in the lyrics writing of the title song and 3 others songs as well in the album. 

"We want to recognized as singer that sings live well." - N*White. Let's get closer with them through an interview with Herald Pop!

'Leader and main vocal' Soohyun

Hometown "I was born on January 8, 1995. I grew up in Gwangju, South Jeolla Province."

Blood type & real personality "Type O is referred to have lots of fun. I'm jumping and hitting and the members see me like a man. I usually like to move a lot and I like to writing lyrics, drawing or something to do with my hands."

Ideal type "I like someone with no double eyelids and humorous. I like it more when combined with passion. But I've changed the ideal type over time. Now I like Hyukoh from Hyukoh band. But I don't know when it will change again. (laugh)"

Most respected senior "It is Baek Jiyoung (senior). My father like Baek Jiyoung (senior). I want to sing that touch people's heart and also expressed the real me in talk show just like she did."

'Vocal' Hakyung

Hometown "I was born on January 26, 1991. I grew up in Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi-do."

Blood type & real personality "I'm A type. There is a difference together with feminime and 4-dimensional, I also listen to story a lot. I think sometimes when you know the wrong answer. But patience is the one you can hold on to. Just be sincere. I'm trying to achieve my goals at least once. I'm the most active among the members, I like exercise too."

Ideal type "I like someone who looks like me. The calm one just like the cat? and if the person point to learn more it is more appealing to me. The coolest thing I think if the person have so much passion for his work. Just like actor Kim Soo Hyun? (laugh)."

Most respected senior "It is Uhm Jung Hwa (senior). She's good in singing and her acting so expressive. In particular, I want to be like someone who show the best part of her and got symphaty from the public. I also want to try acting."

'Vocal and Rap' Subin

Hometown "I was born on May 25, 1989. I grew up in Gumi, Gyeongsangbuk-do."

Blood type & real personality "My blood type is B. I am cool. Instead, I have my own opinions clearly. It's a delightful piece when I take a lot of responsibility. My voice is so loud and the members always said 'you will suprised even the snail". However, except when I practicing singing and dancing, I like to stay quietly in home. Through web surfing I know a lot of stuff too. (laugh)"

Ideal type "I love someone who suited my humour side and also stylish. Someone who showing his own personality. For example, G-Dragon of BIGBANG and actor Kim Woo Bin seems great."

Most respected senior "It is Lee Hyori (senior). She's an icon anywhere. She's clear with her music and fits well with her personality. In particular, she's showing the real her on tv. If I have a chance I want to see Kahi once."


Nickname "Our group's nickname is 'Healing Doll'. Maybe because of the lyrics of our songs are lyrical that's why the nickname was made. White actually the mother's of all colors. Silk white color, as well as more colorful songs will be showcases and we wants to heal people through it."

Role model "Our role model are SES and Fin.K.L, we would like to be the most friendly and popular girl group and we want to work for a long time together."

Future plans "If you hear N*White, we would like to hear people say 'they're good'. We want to recognized as group that can sing live well. Last, we want to be a group that writing our songs directly."

Thanks message "There are fans who waited for 2 years until the album released. We'll always thankful and will do our best to repays you. Every minute is really precious to us. For those who believes and cheer for us, our family and company we would like to give our appreciation and remember that in our heart. In the future please believe and cheer for us a lot."
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