Saturday, August 1, 2015

Polaris Entertainment reveals about the progress of Ladies' Code memorial concert preparation

Ladies' Code will perform for the first time after the accident at the memorial concert this August.

Ladies' Code memorial concert to RiSe and EunB 'I'm Fine Thank You' sponsored by Polaris Entertainment will be held at Stellar Ball in Shinagawa, Tokyo on August 22nd.

Unfortunately, September last year Ladies' Code lost 2 members RiSe and EunB in the car accident. In particular, the remaining members Ashley, Sujeong, Zuny are prepared to fulfill the dreams of Ladies' Code to hold a concert in Japan.

Ashley, Sujeong and Zuny gave more attention to their performance since this is the first time they will come out to the front of audiences after the accident as a group.

After the car accident, the remaining members were take a break and they moved in to their dorm located in Seongbuk-gu, Seoul late last year. They're ready to recover and took some choreography and vocal lesson.

The agency told Star News, "This is the first time for the members standing in front of public after the accident. It's been a long time since they interact with people in such a place."

Then, "For the performance is still undecided. They will not launching a new song there, our concern is whether the 3 remaining members could perform or not. We still discussing about the various possibilities."

They added, "The concert is preparing with a special meaning. It plans to provide a place where members can honor them (RiSe and EunB) constantly."

Meanwhile, Ladies' Code label-mates will also take a part at the memorial concert such as Kim Bum Soo, Yang Dong Geun, IVY, Rumble Fish, Sunwoo and Han Hee Jun.

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