Wednesday, August 5, 2015

SNSD's Yoona transformed into blonde muse for HIGH CUT

SNSD's Yoona transformed into blonde muse for HIGH CUT magazine vol. 155.

On August 5th, HIGH CUT magazine unveiled the pictorial of Yoona. For the first time after 8 years of debut Yoona tried the blonde hair. In the pictorial she looks mature and carefully dressed in a short knit top and possed with kittens.

Yoona said in the interview, "It's not mean I'm sticking into a particular image for now. I also tried a little boyish style and blond style for the first time." She added, "In the past I always go with the pure image because it fits me well, it's pretty but along with the time my makeup is getting dark."

Then Yoona talks about her girl group junior such as SISTAR, Apink and Girl's Day, "I focused on the choreography and what are they costumes wearing, I also watched them at the rehearsal." Then, "I also take a closer look to our team." She added, "I hope we gained more popularity in a longer time together."

Recently Yoona conducting 'NyamNyamTV' on 'SNSD Channel' and shows a lot of interest in cooking. She said, "I learn more recipes from professional chef. I'm good at making steamed chicken. I'd like to learn more about cooking and make a good dish just like steamed chicken.

Full pictorial of Yoona for HIGH CUT magazine vol.155 will be released on August 6th.

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