Sunday, September 13, 2015

2015 1st SH Power Music with BTS and KM + possibility of 'The Red Bullet' tour in Indonesia

BTS Press Greeting
BTS fanmeeting and showcase was held succesfully in Jakarta, Indonesia on September 11th.

'2015 1st SH Power Music with BTS and KM' is an event promoted by SH Entertainment the first Korean promoter with concept between fanmeeting and showcase. This event divided into 3 types such as photo session +  hi touch following by showcase that included fanmeeting and mini concert. There were also a performance from Indonesian girl group KM who has been trained for 1 year and is ready to debut.

Photo group session at the event only for fans who purchased VVIP class ticket. What made this photo group session special is because it's only prepared for ARMYs in Indonesia and never been held anywhere in other countries. Also only 500 lucky fans with 8 persons per group that can take a picture standing side by side with BTS members.

Following by that, Hi touch session is special for VVIP and Major General ticket holders. The fans can see BTS in person, face to face also interacting with them. Due to so many fans wanted to see BTS in person, so the promoter re-open ticket sales on the spot for VVIP class and about 600 fans attended the photo group and hi touch event.

After photo session and hi touch event, finally the show started with performances by Indonesian girl group KM. KM is a 5-member group with Indonesian-Korean concept. Since they hasn't been debut yet so all the audience seems so unfamiliar with the songs and also the group. They have been working together with some Korean producers for years and it makes them be one of the well-trained group in Indonesia.

Indonesian girl group, KM
KM performed 5 songs such as 'Heundeul Heundeul', 'Temptation', 'No Way', 'Hampa' and 'Back To Me'. Most of their songs is a dance track and influenced by K-Pop. Just like their song title 'Heundeul Heundeul' is a pop dance song with Indonesian and Korean lyrics. Although their working with Korean producers hope they will find their true colors and get a great respons from the audience in Indonesia once they make an official debut.

Finally the show has started for real by MV play of BTS 'I NEED U' and after the MV, all members from BTS greet the fans there. Starting with self-introduction from each members and following by Q&A session. It was planned the fans will have a chance to ask BTS questions directly but with some considerations, only the MCs got to ask them. Only simple things like 'what did they think about the country' and 'what kind of food they want to eat'.

After some questions, BTS played games that prepared by promoter. They need to guess Indonesian words with body language, it more like to know how far they know and understand about the language. The games quiet fun after 3 rounds and Suga came out as the winner. After that the short interview with BTS about what they think about their fans in Indonesia and so on.

Before move into showcase, Rap Monster got a surprise for his birthday on September 12th with a cute sneaker and rabbit cake.

Rap Monster birthday surprise
The showcase kick off with 'N.O' following by 'No More Dream', 'Miss Right', 'I Like It', 'If I Ruled The World', 'War of Hormone', 'Danger', 'I NEED U' and 'Boy In Luv'. Indonesian ARMYs are so passionate, they're singing along a whole songs also did the fanchants loudly while holding the lightsticks. 

After performed 9 songs, the show nearly to and end. They went to the backstage, and before the next performance they played a special VTR before its started.

 Then they came out wearing jersey and performed 'DOPE'. After 'DOPE' they greet fans once again by saying some of Indonesian words. Jimin kept saying 'Lucu' that means 'Cute' because he's not sure about what his saying, so Rap Monster translate it to the fans, he said, "What is he saying, Jakarta's ARMYs are beautiful." then fans screamed out loud. Rap Monster continue talk to Jimin, "Okay it's enough, you're talking too much."

What's great about this show was all the members mostly talks in English even one or two of them only say a short sentence but its a good thing to interracted with them and understand what were they saying and laugh together.

RapMon & Jimin talk
Following, Rap Monster promoted their new album which will be coming out soon to the fans and promised they also will be back to Indonesia. Next up, 'Boyz with Fun' and last song 'Attack on Bangtan'. They all wrapping up the show by singing happy birthday to the birthday boy Rap Monster once again before going to the backstage.

Lastly, they played the teaser of 'The Red Bullet' Episode III. So it's a big hint for Indonesian ARMYs to save up their money from now on and get ready for the next 'The Red Bullet' tour!

The Red Bullet Episode III Teaser
What can I say about this show, there is so much last minute changing before the show started especially for the medias. It's unfortunate because some of the medias can't cover certain things. Since it's all from the officials so we need to follow and did the coverage with the existing rules. Hopefully for the next event all the rules will be distributed a long time before the event takes place.

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