Monday, September 28, 2015

9MUSES preparing a picnic together with fans this fall!

9MUSES will go on a picnic with fans this fall.

On September 28th 9MUSES' agency told Starnews, "9MUSES' members plans a picnic together with fans on October 10th." and, "The place is not yet finalized, we will decide where the picnic will be held to gain pleasant memories for the fans."

The agency added, "This fall 9MUSES will have a great time with fans through a picnic and play some games also sharing and talk with them." and, "The fans constantly giving their support to 9MUSES since debut, fans also showed a great interest when 'Hurt Locker' was released last summer, to repay their love we prepared a picnic this fall."


According to the agency Star Empire, 9MUSES preparing a picnic together with official fanclub 'MINE' in the campsite on October 9th.

Star Empire, "We're special preparing a picnic together for the official fanclub members. From sports competitions to variety of programs are prepared to show our love for the fans."

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