Thursday, September 3, 2015

After School's Uee agency denies her dating rumour with TVXQ's Yunho

After School's Uee spotted at TVXQ's Yunho closing ceremony of his basic military training.

On September 3rd, reportedly that After School's Uee spotted visited TVXQ's Yunho on his end of basic military training and spread the rumours about their relationship as a lover.

At the same day, Uee's agency told Starnews, "Uee recenly attended the closing ceremony of Yunho basic military training." Then, "We confirmed that Uee attended the ceremony to cheer Yunho as a friend."

Following, "In the ceremony there were also SM Entertainment's people." They added, "We don't know who the other people are, The rumous spread just because Uee spotted alone at the ceremony."

Lastly the official said, "Uee went to Yunho's closing ceremony only as a friend. Please don't misunderstand."

Source: Star News
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