Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Ailee revealed to have injured during music video shooting

Singer Ailee suffered foot fracture during music video shooting.

On September 7th Ailee injured her legs during music video shooting while the filming, a radiator fall on her feet and was fractured. She received urgent treatment in hospital and diagnosed the recovery will takes 4 weeks.

Agency officials explained, "At first we're initially considered to surgery, but they explained no need to do that. Now she's currently resting at home."

Ailee currently preparing for her first album and aiming for October release. Now they're only waiting to release the album after this situation.

The agency said, "It takes 4 weeks to recovery, due to this the comeback seems to be delayed for about a month too."

Stay tuned for more update & get well soon Ailee!

Source: 일간스포츠 
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