Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Ailee reveals her high satisfaction with first full-lenght album 'VIVID'

Ailee finally making a comeback through her first full-lenght album 'VIVID'.

On September 30th Ailee's comeback showcase was held in Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul at MUV Hall. First album 'VIVID' with title track 'Mind Your Own Business' was released at the same day on various music sites. Earlier Ailee got an injury during music video shooting, because of a prop fell on her right leg.

Despite her injury, Ailee still want to greet her fans in Korea and overseas so she decided to release her 1st album and make a comeback just like what its scheduled. The agency said she will perform both in showcase and music programs while sitting on the chair due to her injury has not yet been recovered.

Ailee talks about her new album at the showcase, "The album was prepared for a very long time. As well as the efforts that I put into it." and, "I wanted to represent the variety of styles and genre. Just like the album name 'VIVID', I want to suggest a distinct musical style."

She followed, "I want to give this album 10 out of 10." and, "For 'Mind Your Own Business' I will try to sing well, but since I did not get to try a variety of performances so I will try to focused on acting through my eyes."

Meanwhile, Ailee's first comeback stage will be on October 1st at Mnet's M! Countdown.

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Source: HeraldPOP
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