Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Ailee scheduled to make a comeback on September 30?

Ailee sustains injury while filming music video and takes 4 weeks to recovery.

On September 9th Ailee's agency said, "On September 7th Ailee injured her right foot when radiator as a prop fell on it during filming her music video and was diagnosed with a bone fracture that takes 4 weeks to recovery. She's currently having a leg cast."

Following, "That requires hospitalization but, in effort to meet the domestic and foreign fans who will be waiting, she revealed a strong willingness to perform."

They added, "She will make an effort to recorver as soon as possible by focus on the treatment in order to fully recorver in the shortest time."

Meanwhile according to the agency, Ailee new album scheduled to be released on September 30th and it will go as planned despite her injury.

Source: TenAsia
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