Monday, September 7, 2015

APRIL first fansign event, from little kid to uncle fans

DSP Media rookie girl group 'APRIL' was conducted fansign event for the first time after debut.

APRIL debut song 'Dream Candy' was recorded as 3rd place on music program only after a week of their debut stage. In addition, their debut showcase that broadcasted live through V app exceeds 80,000 online viewers and live showcase on China's Anhui TV surpassed 11 million views. Also after a day of their debut song release, APRIL was heralded as the 'Birth of Best Rookie' by ranked first on Japan Tower Records.

So to show their grateful to the fans, APRIL holds the first fansign event in Yongsan with basis first-come, first-served. The fansign event was held for 4 hours and proved their popularity. Even before they arrived at the venue, all the fans already lined up and cheered for them.

The fans of all ages from 6 year old cute kid to 40 year old uncle fans have made it realize the popularity of APRIL

APRIL members said, "So many people cheering for us, we would like giving sincere gratitude for them. We'll practice harder and show a good performance for the fans." Then, "Please look at us beautifully and love APRIL even more in the future."


photo credit: Asia Today
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