Tuesday, September 1, 2015

BESTie's Haeryung confirmed to appear on Web drama '9 Seconds'

BESTie's Haeryung has been cast on Web drama '9 Seconds' as the lead.

The agency YNB Entertainment said, "Haeryung has been appointed as the lead role of Web drama '9 Seconds' with the background in Silk Road Gyeongju 2015 and Gyeongju street."

Earlier, actor Lee Joo Seung, comedian Lee Jae Hyung and actress Fuji Mina also been cast. This Web drama is produced by director Park Chan Yul who directed KBS drama 'The Producers'.

Media Publisher said, "I think Haeryung's pure image is the most suitable for lead role 'Sora' on '9 Seconds'."

'9 Seconds' is scheduled to be broadcast at the end of September. 

Source: Edaily
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