Sunday, September 13, 2015

DIA reveals costumes concept for debut showcase

Rookie girl group DIA unveiled some of the costumes for their debut showcase.

On September 13th a day before debut showcase, DIA published a picture that contains the members dressed in white pants and colorful shirts. This outfit will be used on DIA's debut showcase 'Do It Amazing'.

DIA's debut album 'Do It Amazing' contains 11 songs, such as the title track 'I Gotta Feeling', 'Lean On Me', 'Say Hello' and more. After the track list, DIA also revealed the composers who's working with them such as Shinsadong Tiger, BIGTONE a producer from YG Entertainment and also the members Cathy and Seunghee participate in the lyrics writing for the songs on debut album.

DIA, "The first stage officially unveiled and we're so excited." And, "Now we're preparing a variety of stage and performance, please expect a lot."

Meanwhile, DIA debut showcase will be held on September 14th at Ilchi Art Hall in Seoul and first debut stage on September 17th at Mnet M! Countdown.

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