Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Jessi says she want to be a singer who can sing all genres rather than sexy diva

Jessi 2nd single album '쎈언니(SSENUNNI)' has been released.

On September 15th, Jessi holds showcase to present the first stage of her newest single '쎈언니(SSENUNNI)' at the Yes24 MUV Hall in Mapogu, Seoul.

Jessi, "This is my first time hold a solo showcase after 6 years, I'm so nervous." and, "I'm excited and it also feels so good." she said.

She also said Unpretty Rapstar and Real Men members gave their supports, "Unpretty Rapstar member, Yuk Jidam and Tymee gave their support to me." and, "All the members of 'Real Men' also support me. I'm so thankful for everyone they've been through a lot of hard time. Also thank you for all the unnies who take care of me and love me."

She added, "I'm not disappointed even only the two members of Unpretty Rapstar who sent their support for me."

Jessi also talks about her tough image and what kind of singer she wants to be, "First of all this song has a sexy, tough and cute image." she said.

Then, "But in the future I want challenge myself to try any concepts." and, "I want to be a singer that capable to sing all genres. I don't want to leave the sexy image though. But I also want to have a variety images."

Meanwhile, this time Jessi will promoting her newest single on music programs starting from MBC 'Show Champion' on September 16th. 

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